Are you tired of lack of initiative, information silos, disgruntled employees?

Leigh Cowan

With an inspiring and profound MEVPIV©, you can stimulate productivity and profit almost overnight.

You CAN improve revenue, margin, profit & market share more easily than you imagine. Leigh's talent, passion & expertise is in equipping organisations like yours with the knowledge, skills & techniques to effectively improve marketing ability and operational efficiency.


With genuinely leading marketing guidance and training, you’ll experience both inspiration & methods to transform your marketing activity & drive breakthrough improvement in the commercial performance of your organisation.


Unique Point of


Synergy between academic theory & organisation reality that creates potent business gains

Leadership Epiphanies will follow the fusing of complex academic theories & business models that solve your business problems in productive, creative ways specifically positively addressing the challenges of your organisation or industry.


You will be inspired & prosper from this consistent approach & the myriad of proven business methods known to drive commercial performance, stimulate growth & deliver productivity.

Proven Expert

A professional & academic career spans the world & more than 35 years.

Leigh has helped stumbling multi-national companies, big pharma, global FMCG, international banks, government & corporations in multiple business categories over his career. He has mentored success in transport, food, mining, chemicals & more, AND lectured in leading universities in undergraduate & post-graduate courses.

Drawing from multiple corporate knowledge streams, researched insights, formal corporate marketing methodology, brand & product portfolio successes, new product development evolution and internal marketing & strategic planning excellence, Leigh has also helped SME’s grow globally.

Ask Leigh the secrets of multi-million dollar sales transformations. Be inspired by the Hierarchies of Marketing© concept for organisational marketing management, the Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty© or internal marketing to overcome the worldwide crisis in employee engagement.


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