It has been a privilege to work with so many inspiring professionals and organisations.

Here is a selection of the kind words that have been said about me.


James Liddle
VC Lead Investor
Capital Pitch

"Leigh is an exceptionally, proactive and strategic operator. He adds incalculable value to the projects he chooses and is well worth the investment."

Mary Gilbert
Managing Director
Team Principals

"Simply brilliant! Leigh Cowan is by far, the best marketer and strategist I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

Graham Orr

"His personable, effective delivery and creative topic presentation has consistently engaged and stimulated the audience."

Roy Gibson
Roy Gibson Advertising

"If your business is on the wrong track, he will get it back on the right track. If you are launching a new product, Leigh is special. An accomplished strategic planner who gets the job done."

Tony Richardson
Tactical TV

"Adman David Ogilvy used to say, hire Gentlemen with brains. When you hire Leigh, you'll be following Ogilvy's advice."

Michelle Matthewman
Caim & Able

"His knowledge of marketing and sales is second to none, only to be surpassed by his tenacity to get the job done and think outside the square."